Catalyst Support

Catalyst Software:

We recommend using MacOS 10.12.6 despite SIP, as the graphics card drivers appear to have been updated and now have more stable support for multiple monitors.
Please ensure you streamline your OS and disable all relevant apple 'enhancements'. See link to 'MacOS Configuration Notes' below.

Ensure App Nap is disabled on the Catalyst application (right click on Catalyst application / Get-Info / tick the 'Prevent App Nap' box)

When opening this new version for the first time, you will have to allow its use in System Preferences / Security settings.

Catalyst Software is available FREE to download and try before purchasing. In DEMO mode, live output is inhibited by on-screen shading & partial blanking. Some save features are not available.

If you require specific information about Catalyst, please contact us directly.


Catalyst Support:



Software & Drivers available for download:


Mac OS 10.6.8 - Snow Leopard


Mac OS 10.7.x - Lion (Not Reccomended)


Mac OS 10.8.5 - Mountain Lion


Mac OS 10.9.5 - Mavericks


Mac OS 10.10.5 - Yosemite (Not Reccomended - Use 10.12.6 or 10.9.5)


Mac OS 10.11.6 - El Capitain (Not Reccomended - Use 10.12.6 or 10.9.5)


Mac OS 10.12.6 - Sierra (Reccomended)


Mac OS 10.13.6 - High Sierra (Not Reccomended use 10.12.6 or 10.14.6)


Mac OS 10.14.6 - Mojave (Reccomended if Mac canot be downgraded to 10.12.6)


Mac OS 10.15.x - Catalina (DO NOT USE)


Mac OS 11 (Big Sur) / MacOS 12 (Monterey) / MacOS 13 (Ventura) / MacOS 14 (Sonoma) - DO NOT USE


Catalyst quick reference guides: