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Catalyst V5 Software: LATEST RELEASE

Catalyst V5 Software: CatalystPM 5.03_n561-D_HD (OS 10.6.8 - 10.13.x compatible)

Fixes issues with due to changes in MacOS 10.12.x / 10.13.x (10.12.6 recommended)
Supports V6 Dongles
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CATALYST V6 BETA 3 is available for testing.

Catalyst V6 is not available for sale yet. Pricing will be announced when V6 is officially released.

Catalyst V6 BETA is looking to the future - and preparing for new MacPro hardware in 2018.

New Catalyst V6 features include:

• Re-designed user interface
• 48 Layers
• 32 Mixes
• 6 Outputs
• Compatibly for Mac OS 10.8.5 - 10.12.6 and 10.13.x
• Ability to work on any Mac hardware
• 27 MegaPixel movies
• Support for BMD Decklink SDK, including multiple cards
• Mix and screen preview for all screens in HUD
• New Cuelist layout
• Syphon input and output
• Quartz composer inputs with parameter control via General Controllers
• Kinesys automation support
• Stagetech automation support
• Blacktrax automation support
• Super Dropping Objects support

In addition to the the existing Catalyst V5 features:

• Exact Maps
• 3D object UV texture mapping
• Frame-accurate playback between multiple media servers
• MIDI & SMPTE playback synchronisation
• Overlapping transparent sub-mix outputs
• Global Keystone or 3D Geometry
• Infinite Canvas edge-blending with editable blending percentages, mix offsets, and a blending curve editor
• Fx-builder for custom configureable and cascadable effects
• Colour mixing, Gamma correction, Chroma keying
• Real-time colour effects rendering
• Real-time visual effects rendering
• Scaling and rotation of images on x, y, and z axes
• PixelMAD Dynamic video output to DMX LED fixtures via artnet
• Custom RS232 control for projectors and peripheral equipment
• DMX, RS232, OSC, MMC, MSC, SMPTE, HTTP, Web remote
• Controllable from a lighting desk via DMX or Artnet
• CITP Supported via external application

More information and pricing will be available when Catalyst V6 is officially released.

Feel free to drop in and test Catalyst V6 BETA at our warehouse in Milton Keynes!

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Catalyst Support:

Catalyst V6 BETA 3 Software: CatalystPM 6.01_p633_HD (OS 10.8.5 - 10.13.x compatible) (TEST ONLY)

Catalyst V5 Software: CatalystPM 5.03_n561-D_HD (OS 10.6.8 - 10.13.x compatible) (LATEST RELEASE) 10.12.6 recommended

Catalyst v4 Software: CatalystPM 4.40_m466-C_HD(OS 10.6.8 - 10.13.x compatible) (LAST RELEASE) 10.12.6 recommended

For more information, see SUPPORT page