30.08.12 - SNP Productions supplies Catalyst to Halikarnas Nightclub in Bodrum, Turkey

Halikarnas Nightclub in Bodrum, Turkey

Earlier this year the owner of the club, Mr Suleyman Demir set to work on a redesign and overhaul the entire club to make it suitably sympathetic, technology wise, for its surrounding neighbours.

Trent O'Connor and Matthew Button took on the architectural, theatrical and club lighting designs assisted by Turkish distributor for Pulsar, LEDsistem, headed by former Pulsar veteran Andy Graves. While audio was provided courtesy of a Duran Audio AXYS system complete with DDS beam shaping technology.

SNP Productions Ltd was approached specify and assist in the installation the video design and provide Catalyst media servers and video processing equipment.

The video design included: Ten Barco HDX18K projectors, double stacked at each projection position to cover five separate projection surfaces. Including standard projection material, LCD laminated glass is used behind the 'Ice Bar' as a dynamic projection surface. A 20mm pitch LED screen wraps around the back of the stage. More than thirty 46in NEC LCD screens positioned all around the club and outside at each entrance.

Providing video content to all the display surfaces are nine Catalyst v4PRO media servers. One is used for control and the other eight have outputs expanded using Datapath X4 The 2.4G 8core MacPros include a Quadro 4000 graphics card and 240G SSD for the video content. Each server has an Active Silicon Phoenix card installed providing 2x HD-SDI video inputs.

Catalyst servers are controlled by a Chamsys MagicQ lighting console and synchronised to SMPTE timecode for each of the 7 daily shows. Pre and post show visuals are programmed using catalyst built in presets and cue-lists, triggered from the control server.

SNP specified TV-One processing equipment including more than thirty 1T-FC-766 HDMI to 3G SDI converters. All projection and LCD displays are fed with HD-SDI from a central control position and (eventually) a Blackmagic 72 x 144 Broadcast Videohub HD-SDI Matrix. The matrix allows for any source to be routed to any destination, including Miranda Kaledio X16 20 way multiviewer. Three Panasonic AWHE50S cameras are positioned around the club, controlled via a Panasonic AWRP50 camera controller. A Datavideo SE2800 vision mixer allows operators to mix between cameras and route to either Catalyst, projection or direct to LCD screens. Protecting the entire installation are DSMB tech HVIT010 HD-SDI isolators on every line that in and out of the control room.

The entire control system was installed by Simon Pugsley and Rob Smith in a week while rehearsing and programming the seven nightly shows, pre and post show visuals – all while building works were being completed before the club opened to the public.

This club has pulled out all the stops during its redesign in order to uphold its historic status.

Halikarnas outdoor nightclub in Bodrum has been in existence for more than 30 years. The club operates during the summer months and in peak season can attract and accommodate up to 4,000 clubbers. During the venue's glory years, Halikarnas helped shape the town of Bodrum into a nightlife hotspot. It acted as a pulsing heartbeat that provided all night entertainment for the town.

Date of issue : 30th August 2012.