01.08.15 - NEW Catalyst V5 BETA 6 available...

Catalyst v5 BETA 6 is now available with improved playback functionality and syncronisation for live camera inputs using Active Silicon Phoenix HD-SDI capture cards. (available from SNP Productions Ltd)

Using Sonnet Thunderbolt-2 PCIe chassis it is possible to capture multiple HD-SDI live inputs, fully utlising the power of the NEW MacPro 6,1

SNP Productions Ltd has re-designed its custom shock-mounted Catalyst server flightcase to accommodate the latest MacPro 6,1. Using the latest rackmount enclosure from Sonnet, the new MacPro 6,1 is housed in only 4U of rack space along side the PCIe Thunderbolt-2 chassis.

The entire 23U rack including Lightware Matrix, MOTU audio interface, Artistic Licence Artnet interface uses less than 500W, meaning a reduction in the size of UPS required and an increased energy saving compared to the MacPro 5,1 Catalyst systems.

Please contact us to experience the new V5 Catalyst Media Server software. SNP can provide you with training and demonstrations to answer any questions. Fully configured custom Catalyst systems are available for hire and sales. Dongle upgrade prices from v3 and v4 to the new V5 Catalyst software are available now - contact us for details.

Date of issue 1 August, 2015.